Body repairs and paint operations

Body repairs and paint operations

Training offer

3M technologies are used at every stage of car body repair and painting operations. Every year, we introduce new solutions which main goals are to improve and accelerate the efficiency of professional repair.

To enable our Customers to better understand solutions offered by 3M, those who exists on the market for a long time and newly launched, we invite everybody to our Training Center in Wrocław.

Participants of the trainings at the Center can learn more about products and how thay can change the way they work, and make each stage of bodywork painting and repairs quicker, easier and cleaner. During the practical part participants can try the latest technologies and verify knowledge gained during the theoretical presentation.

  • 3M Body Repair
     Body repair
    • Cubitron II materials (roloc discs, fibre discs, file belts, cut off wheels, flap discs)
    • 3M Tools for use with abrasive materials
    • 3M Cavity Wax for protection body after repair
    • 3M Panel Bonding Adhesive as an alternative to welding
  • Surface preparation for painting
    Surface preparation for painting
    • introduction what is abrasive, its construction, types, applications 
    • abrasive materials adapted to the following stages of repair, before body filler, primer and finish painting 
    • DMS system of body filler applying
  • Primer coating and painting
    Primer coating and painting
    • repair are preparation before of paint layers applying 
    • primer masking, jamb masking, general masking and masking openings 
    • use of 3M PPS™ and PSG™ 
    • Dirt Trap protection of paint booth 
  • Paint finishing
    Paint finishing
    • removing dirts using various types of systems and abrasives 
    • polishing methods of body surface 
    • 3M Sun Gun 
  • Festool equipment and abrasive materials
    Festool equipment and abrasive materials
    • Optimise bodyshop operations with a combination of 3M™ best-in-class abrasive solutions as well as electric and pneumatic machines, dust extraction systems and workplace organisation offered by Festool™.
  • Personal Protective Equipment in the Bodyshop
    Personal Protective Equipment in the Bodyshop
    • legislation (employer and employee diuties) 
    • health hazards in the Bodyshops 
    • procedures and risk assessment 
    • PPE selection guide
  • Polishing, regeneration of coatings on gel coat surfaces
    Polishing, regeneration of coatings on gel coat surfaces
    • specific polishing of coatings used on boats, gliders and other gelcoat products