A table with several 3m products

3M Customer Innovation Center

You're never more than 10ft away from 3M Science.

The 3M Innovation Center is a place where we display examples of our technologies and solutions for customers and students to see and experience. It allows us to show how we use science to change the world for the better, answer questions, dispel myths and cross borders. Here you will learn the secrets of our processes.
  • Fire in the server room

    How do you put out an electronic equipment fire without damaging it?

  • Road sign with 3M reflective film

    Why is reflective film on traffic signs so effective?

  • Airplane on the runway

    What can be done to make a plane or bus use less fuel?

  • Interior of the Innovation Center
    • The answer to these and other questions can be found at the 3M Innovation Center in Wroclaw. In this unique place you will discover the diversity and ingenuity of 3M technological platforms. You will also find out how thousands of 3M products influence our everyday life and how science helps us create original solutions.

    • The 3M Innovation Center consists of two parts:
      Experimental – In this first part you will conduct your own experiments to learn about the unique properties of 3M technological solutions.
      The exhibition – This second part will allow you to see how 3M uses scientific innovations in its products.

    • Do you run a company? The Center is a great place to exchange business experiences - visit us and see how 3M solutions can help you develop your business.

    • Are you a student or pupil and fascinated by the world of STEM? The Innovation Center is also the perfect space for you to learn.

    • Visit us!

Photo captured from the video about 3M Innovation Center

What does the Innovation Center look like?

Watch a video from the 3M Innovation Center.

Location of our facility

  • 3M building complex located on Kowalska Street

    The 3M Innovation Center is located at 143 Kowalska Street in Wrocław, Poland. The Center is a part of Wroclaw Superhub, the largest 3M manufacturing center in the EMEA region, where over 12,000 products from 4 business groups are manufactured, including industry and safety, transportation, healthcare and consumer products.

Make a reservation and visit the 3M Innovation Center

A tour of the Innovation Center is available by prior reservation. If you have a question about 3M Innovation Center or you want to book your visit, please contact us.