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3M Training Center
3M expert knowledge for professionals
  • Body repairs and paint operations Training offer

    3M technologies are used at every stage of car body repair and painting operations. Every year, we introduce new solutions which main goals are to improve and accelerate the efficiency of professional repair.
    To enable our Customers to better understand solutions offered by 3M, those who exists on the market for a long time and newly launched, we invite everybody to our Training Center in Wrocław.

    Body repairs and paint operations Training offer Body repairs and paint operations
  • Abrasive Systems

    Providing customers with the products meeting the complex needs is a biggest market challenge. 3M, as a leading supplier of abrasive products, strives to meet these conditions. For more than 100 years we have been a leader in creating the advanced technologies and innovative solutions to improve productivity and optimize production processes.

    Abrasive Systems Abrasive Systems
  • On-line trainings

    We invite you to see our offer of web seminars. Our trainings are based on 3M technologies and extensive expert knowledge of our engineers. Get the latest facts, practical tips and solutions!

    On-line trainings On-line trainings
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