About us

About us

  • 3M Customer Technical Center is a place for professionals to share experience

    3M Customer Technical Center is a place for professionals to share experience…

    ….and where practical industrial solutions are developed.

    We focus on sharing personal experiences and comprehensive trainings. We will also take care of friendly atmosphere.

    Trainings are the foundation of the highest quality and productivity of daily work. The Education is also the key element of the employee’s safety which is a crucial value for employer. The CTC opening is the answer to demanding market needs. Our trainings are based on the expertise of trainers and 3M scientists - to adjust the content to the participants’ needs.

    3M Customer Technical Center is the first and only industrial training facility in Central and Eastern Europe. The laboratory of over 2000 m2 will enable to test a wide portfolio of 3M products for professionals.

    We offer a variety of courses on body and paint, abrasives and work at heights. Each course has a clearly defined structure, consisting of the transfer of theoretical knowledge but leaves a space for questions and open discussion.

    • The 3M Customer Technical Center is a unique facility where you will discover:
    • - abrasive systems,
    • - paint and varnish repair products,
    • - personal protective equipment and fall protection systems.

The Customer Training Center is a unique place where you can discover the diverse spectrum of innovation in 3M technology platforms and products in the areas:

The great value of the 3M Customer Technical Center trainings is the fact that we teach in small groups focusing on the specific skills that can be directly translated into practice – improving efficiency and work safety.

Here everyone will be able to see how state-of-the-art solutions work for the industry as well as see their high efficiency.

The 3M Abrasive Processing Training Program for end-users is accompanied by theoretical presentations, however it involves practical meetings as the key element. Our specialists present solutions that can improve work efficiency, safety, and contribute positively to financial performance.

3M paint and varnish solutions help to restore the car's beauty. Small cracks or abrasion of the paint, or serious damage to the car body? If you use 3M solutions, you can be sure that the final repair will be even better than the factory one. The highest quality abrasives, polishing and varnishing in the hands of professionals assure the success and satisfaction of the vehicle owner.

Working at the height involves risks every day. To make it safe, it is important to take care of the practical knowledge and skills of the staff.
Our trainings are based on over 70 years of experience from around the world.

We are competent to organize training on fall protection, safe work at the heights and in limited spaces for a wide variety of industries.
Height trainings are designed to ensure the safety of your employees.

If you are interested in training please contact us.

Our experts

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  • Marcin Żurawski


    CTC&CIC Team Leader

    Responsible for direct cooperation with the 3M’s departments of marketing and sales to provide a proper understanding of customers’ needs while visiting the CTC.

    Experienced automotive professional who will conduct the trainings in the field of technology of metalworking, paint and varnish repair products or abrasive systems.

    December 1, 1901 Trainers Trainers Marcin Żurawski
  • Karolina Bacharz

    CTC Administrator

    Responsible for supporting your visit in terms of: reservation managment, accommodation and other aspects related to the organization and coordination of events at the Center.

    December 1, 1901 ,Administration Administration Karolina Bacharz
  • Emilia Demczur

    Communication Specialist

    3M Customer Innovation Center

    As a part of the training, you may also visit  3M Customer Innovation Center. Emilia will introduce you to the unusual world of 3M technology and product and present the results of the work of R&D laboratories located around the world. Emilia also hosts the 3M Studio educational webinars series. Visit 3m.pl/studio to learn more!

    December 1, 1901 Administration Administration Emilia Demczur
  • Agata Błaszczyńska

    3M Customer Innovation Center

    Agata will help you to organize your visit as well as may guide you through the Innovation Center. If you have any questions regarding your visit, do not hesitate to contact Agata. She is there to support you!

    December 1, 1901 Administration Administration Agata Błaszczyńska
  • Damian Nowak


    Expert in the field of fall protection who has many years’ experience in conducting trainings as well as practical use of his skills. His competences, also in the field of high altitude rescue, and skills acquired during training in European training centers are a treasure chest of knowledge for those who want to acquire and improve qualifications.

    December 1, 1901 ,Trainers Trainers Damian Nowak
  • Artur Szczurowski


    Experienced sprayer, who gained the qualifications at the professional paint and body shops. Artur is responsible for the preparation of the vehicle body parts necessary for the workshops and the technical support during practical training.

    December 1, 1901 Trainers Trainers Artur Szczurowski
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3M’s Technologies you can discover at the Customer Technical Center

3M Customer Technical Center is the place offering professional materials of the highest quality. Providing customers with the products meeting the complex needs is a biggest market challenge. 3M, as a leading supplier of abrasive products, strives to meet these conditions. For more than 100 years we have been a leader in creating the advanced technologies and innovative solutions to improve productivity and optimize production processes.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers through a highest quality, level of service provided as well as unique commitment and experience.